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Rules, Regulations & Policies

All children under the age of 18 must be in the company of a responsible adult at all times whilst on the premises.

Responsible Service of Alcohol is vital for legal, health and community reasons. At Gladesville Sporties we are committed to minimizing harm by promoting safe serving practices, through our Responsible Service Program. Part of the program includes the education of Directors, Management, Staff and Members regarding the Club’s policy for Responsible Service along with their responsibilities in accordance with the Liquor Act 2007.

There are four basic principles, which are relevant to Responsible Serving Practices.

· We are not permitted to sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years.

· We cannot permit intoxication, violence or quarrelsome conduct on the Club premises.

· We cannot supply liquor to any person who is intoxicated.

· We must prevent intoxication from occurring on our premises.

The Gambling Legislation Amendment Act 1999 and other regulations aim to ensure that registered clubs adopt responsible practices for gambling activities. Gladesville Sporties is committed to the provision of best practice in the Responsible Conduct of Gaming. Don’t let gambling take control of your life.

Your chance of winning the maximum prize on a gaming machine is generally no better than one in a million. Think about your choices. Gambling more, Enjoying it less? For free and confidential information and advice about problem gambling, please contact GAMBLING HELP at:
Phone: 1800 858 858
Website: www.gamblinghelp.nsw.gov.au